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Professor Cynthia Garcia Coll speaking at Bahcesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey

October 25, 2011

At the Conference on The Role of Family in Child Education, April 2nd - 19th, Professor Garcia Coll is speaking on the following topics:

April 2nd- Role of the parents in educating children.

Good outcomes in children and adolescent education benefits not only individuals but their families, their neighborhood and the nation. A child development perspective will be presented that describes what parents need to do or pay attention to support good developmental outcomes in academic, social and emotional realms. It will be argued that a pathway to college and other good developmental outcomes starts at conception.

April 9th- How to raise a successful adolescent?

A paradox of modernity is that many social and emotional problems start in adolescence that have long term consequences: eating disorders, depression, self-mutilation, substance abuse, delinquency, etc. How can we allow adolescents experimentation? How can we support yet limit their needs for autonomy? In this talk, theories and research on what are the developmental needs of adolescents are and the role of society in meeting them.

April 12th- Child Development Theories: Past, Today, Future

The academic field of child development started in the mid 1800's. This is the time when children and adolescents were thought of as worthy of scientific investigation. But the way that we think about them as organisms has varied tremendously over time. Have we progressed? This talk will critically review 150 years of research from a theoretical perspective. In some ways, we're just back to basics.

April 19th- Secrets of Academic Publishing from an Editor's Point of View: Suggestions for Social Researchers

As a reviewer and journal, book and book series editor, I have seen many good projects that do not make it to the top venues. Some of them are rejected because of theoretical and methodological flaws; but others which are good science, are otherwise rejected for stylistic and presentation reasons. Where should you publish? How can you write a successful manuscript?