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Prof. Villarreal Wins DIAP Community Award

May 4, 2018

An announcement distributed to the Brown University community on Friday, May 4 congratulated Education Department Professor Christina "V" Villarreal, who also serves as director of the secondary history/social studies graduate teacher education program, for being one of four winners (two students and two faculty members) of the Brown University DIAP Community Award. According to the announcement, the award, new this year, serves to "recognize the contributions of individuals in our campus community who have used the DIAP as a vehicle to actively create positive change towards our goal of making Brown a more diverse and inclusive environment." 

V, who holds among other degrees an M.Ed. from Harvard University and a Ph.D. from Columbia University, joined the Education Department in 2016, teaching foundational education courses such as methods, analysis, and The Craft of Teaching as well as overseeing student teachers. In addition to her teaching, administrative, and research duties, V quickly became the Education Department's DIAP faculty advisor, applying her vast expertise in facilitation, research, and topics to advise other Education Department DIAP Working Group members on creating workshops and conferences that would bring people together to challenge and confront issues centered on diversity and inclusion. The successful events V guided for the Education Department have included spring DIAP conferences ("Resistance & Reclamation: Resisting Structural Oppression/Reclaiming Education For Our Students" in 2017 and "Catalyzing Critical Dialogues in Urban Education & Policy" in 2018) as well as fall workshops ("Best Practices + Creating Inclusive Classroom Communities for LGBTQ Students" in 2016 and "Navigating Oppression: Toward Relational Pedagogy, Policy, and Praxis" in 2017).  

Please join our department in congratulating V on her strong commitment, not only through advising students and colleagues on DIAP issues and events but through her daily interactions with the greater community, on valuing diversity and achieving inclusion through all of her thoughtful actions. V is an asset to the Education Department, to Brown, and to everyone she encounters.