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Profs. Jin and Yamamoto Publish in Asian Journal of Social Psychology

July 11, 2019

 Professor of Education Jin Li (left) and Visiting Assistant Professor in Education Yoko Yamamoto have co-authored an article, "Western and East Asian sociocultural learning models: Evidence from cross-cultural and immigrant groups," that will appear in Asian Journal of Social Psychology.

In the article, Li and Yamamoto review Li’s research and theory of cultural learning models in light of Chirkov’s theory of sociocultural models that draw on previous theories and research across social sciences. The authors recast Li’s models as sociocultural learning models (SCLMs) by incorporating Chirkov’s three emphases: (1) the inseparability between the social and the cultural, (2) the public versus individuals’ internalization of SCLMs  and their mutual enforcement, and (3) collective intentionality and intersubjectivity as embedded in the enactment of SCLMs.

As an initial attempt to document how public SCLMs become internalized, Li and Yamamoto further examine the role of joint intentionality and intersubjectivity at the person-to-person level. The authors use discourse analysis to look at two mother-child conversations about learning from our current European American and Chinese immigrant research data; show evidence that both joint intentionality and intersubjectivity are prevalently and deeply present in the process of parental socialization (transmitting SCLMs to their young); and conclude that intentionality and intersubjectivity are indispensable to enable SCLMs to exist and to continue by enabling the public to become internalized. The internalized is then enacted and repeated by members across the culture, who in turn function to uphold and renew SCLMs.