Education Studies Concentration


Concentrators in Education Studies choose one of the two areas of emphasis: Human Development or History and Policy. The concentration requires ten courses meeting the specifications below. At least eight must be taken in the Education Department at Brown University.  The two remaining, elective courses may be chosen from a list of pre-approved Brown University courses, or from among other Brown courses or courses at other universities after getting approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Education Studies Insight 

Liberal Education 

Cross-National Experience 

Course Insight

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Undergraduate Opportunities

Concentration Advisors

Sophomore Advisor

Yoko Yamamoto (Human Development)

Luther Spoehr (History/Policy)

Junior Advisor

Yoko Yamamoto (Human Development)

Luther Spoehr (History/Policy)

Senior Advisor

Luther Spoehr

Honors Advisor

Matt Kraft

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Luther Spoehr

Course Offerings

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