Undergraduate Capstone


Capstones are voluntary, student-initiated projects or experiences outside the classroom that build on and contribute to students' Education Studies concentration, and can take various forms, including a research project, website design, curriculum design, policy analysis, or scholarly paper. Capstones can be designed and executed your senior year, or can be based on a previous experience that you want to explore further in some way, such as an internship or teaching experience. While capstones do not confer departmental honors, students who complete capstones will be recognized at the department graduation ceremony and will have the opportunity to present at a conference in the spring of their senior year. Through capstones students have the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member in an area of their interest and are able to reflect on and extend their learning in the concentration.


  1. Develop your project idea
  2. Discuss idea with the Honors and Capstone Advisor
  3. Select a faculty member to advise you and help you further develop your idea and plan your project 
  4. Submit a Project Proposal Application by 5 pm the first Monday in March
     (Application Form below)
  5. Work on project with continuous support and feedback from Faculty Advisor
  6. Submit interim report to the Honors and Capstone Advisor and Faculty Advisor on the first Monday of April
  7. Presentation in early May

Suggested Timetable

The Timeline for capstone projects is somewhat flexible, because Project Proposal Applications are due no later than the first Monday in March. If you feel your idea is strong earlier in the academic year, do not feel that you need to wait until March to apply. Some projects will need more time to complete than others, so be sure to allot enough time after applying to finish the work. The following is a suggested timeline for completing a capstone project:


  • Brainstorm ideas for capstone topic and format; be creative!
  • Refine preliminary ideas, discuss with Honors and Capstone Advisor or other faculty members
  • Select a Faculty Advisor


  •  Continue to develop Capstone project idea (topic and format) 
  •  Determine which Education Studies Concentration Learning Outcomes align with your project, and how (this is a component of the application) 
  •  Submit a Project Proposal Application by no later than 5 pm the first Monday in March


  •  Create a work plan and timetable with your advisor, determining times to meet and deadlines for finishing components of the work
  • Complete initial steps of project (research, data collection, etc)


  • Continue to develop your project, following the timetable established with your advisor.
  • Submit an interim report by the first Monday of April to the Honors and Capstone Advisor  
  • Submit a final draft of your project no later than April 30th (Note: Your advisor may request drafts prior to the final draft)
  •  Present capstone project to Education Department faculty, students, family and friends in early May

 Potential Capstone Projects

  • Analyze and reflect on an experience:
    Researcher Assistantship or Experience
  •  Independent Research Project
  •  Curriculum Development
  •  Policy Analysis
  •  Website Design
  •  Scholarly Paper