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Education Studies Requirements

The concentration in Education Studies requires a total of 10 courses.  At least eight must be taken in the Education Department at Brown University.  One course must either be a qualitative methods course (EDUC 1100) or a quantitative methods course (EDUC 1110 or an approved equivalent in another department).  Five courses must be taken in one of the two Areas of Emphasis, either Human Development or Policy-and-History.   Electives may be additional Brown University Education courses, courses chosen from a list of pre-approved Brown University outside the Education Department, or courses at Brown or other universities that receive specific approval in advance from the Director of Undergraduate Studies.


Students in the Human Development Area of Emphasis should note that because they must take a foundational course in History and another in Policy, they will need only two additional Electives to meet the ten-course requirement.  Students in the Policy-and-History Area of Emphasis must take one foundational course in Human Development plus one additional Education course outside Policy-and-History, plus two Electives.  Electives may include any Education courses taken outside the Area of Emphasis or approved courses taken in other departments

Concentrators are required to take at least one foundational course in each of four Core Categories:  Human Development, History, Policy, and Research Methods.  Foundational courses taken in the Area of Emphasis count toward the total of 5 required for that Area of Emphasis. 


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