Conference: The Allure of the Ancient (click here for full article)


We invite you to join a diverse range of scholars reviewing the reception, use, and misuse of the Ancient Near East in early modern art, literature, scholarship, and politics. Fourteen speakers will explore the ways that the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Babylonia, Assyria, and Persia were imagined and their history constructed by scholars, artists, and writers during the early modern period (ca. 1600–1800) – and the political and social uses that they were put to.

(Distributed March 6, 2019)

Another Wonderful Print in Wilbour

With sincere gratitude to Beatrice Parker, daughter of former Professor and Chair of Egyptology Richard Parker, we are pleased to share with you the lovely new wall hanging - a print of  King Tut's funeral mask.Beatrice Parker and giftBeatrice Parker and gift

(Distributed August 23, 2018)

NEH Grant to Professor Matthew Rutz (click here for full view)

NEH grant will enable Brown researcher to digitally preserve Syrian tablets 

With ancient documents threatened by modern-day conflict in Syria, Matthew Rutz’s project will make the text of more than 1,800 cuneiform tablets available digitally. 

(Distributed May 18, 2018)
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