Brown University School of Engineering

Corporate Affiliates Board

The School of Engineering CAB has been developed to ensure that the growth and evolution of the School accords with industry needs, and that the School will be guided and supported by robust industry involvement.

A main purpose of the CAB is to mutually benefit industry partners and the School. This is accomplished by developing relationships that enhance both student internship and employment opportunities, and explore ways for faculty to partner with industry in performing high-impact research. The CAB will provide the Dean with guidance on the School’s educational program – its quality and relevance to state-of-the-art engineering challenges, together with the preparedness of its graduates.



Dan Leibholz ’86 Sc.M.’88
VP, Communications Business Unit
Analog Devices, Inc.
Norwood, MA 

Ryan Ross (CAB Chair)
Director of Software Engineering 
Arista Networks
Boston, MA

Rob Markey ’86 P'18 
Bain & Company
New York, NY

Jeff Trauberman ’76, J.D.  
VP, Space, Intelligence and Missile Defense for Government Ops
Arlington, VA

Axel zur Loye, Ph.D. ’81
Chief Engineer (dual fuel engines)
Columbus, IN


Earl Owens   
Global Account Executive 
Fairfax, VA



Sheila Hemami 
Director, Strategic Technical Opportunities 
Draper Laboratory
Cambridge, MA

Paul Bechta ’87 Sc.M.’88
Senior Director, Global Services
Hopkinton, MA

Lou Hector, Jr., Ph.D. 
Technical Fellow, Research and Development
General Motors
Warren, MI



Tim Denison, Ph.D.
Director of Core Technology, Neuromodulation 
Minneapolis, MN

Lou DiPalma Sc.M. '89 P'08
Chief Engineer - Undersea Systems
Portsmouth, RI

Colin Mercer, Ph.D. 
Vice President, R&D
Providence, RI

Michael Pereira 
Executive Vice President, Technology & Operations 
Providence, RI