Brown University School of Engineering

Engineering Corporate Affiliates Program (ECAP)

The Brown School of Engineering recognizes the mutual benefit of close relationships with industry, and actively encourages students and faculty to participate in these relationships. Through the Corporate Affiliates Board, the School creates a plan and implements these activities. We welcome new interactions: Please contact Associate Dean Jennifer Casasanto ([email protected]) for more information about how you can get involved.

The Brown School of Engineering provides an opportunity for industry to build upon and expand into more innovative and forward-thinking approaches: Work with our students, and you will see the advantages.

Brown is fundamentally different in the way it educates its engineers. Blending strong core science and cutting-edge training with Brown’s distinctive liberal arts curriculum creates something special: “Renaissance Engineers” capable of applying their engineering knowledge in creative and innovative ways.

Today’s economy requires something more than a purely traditional engineering education, if we wish to remain competitive in the world market. Minds that can think outside of traditional boundaries to create new, novel solutions to problems are essential to industrial development and growth.

The School of Engineering’s Corporate Affiliates Program (ECAP) provides various opportunities for industrial partners to gain access to the wealth of intellectual potential our students offer.

Internship Program

Utilize Brown School of Engineering students to enhance the workplace. Paid and unpaid opportunities posted directly to relevant student groups.

Employment Partners

Post your job opportunities directly to students seeking employment.

Research Partners

Learn about and engage in research collaborations with School of Engineering faculty.

Job Talks

Come visit Brown and give a talk to our students about your industry and company.

Capstone Design Courses

Student teams work on your projects with concrete results as part of their educational program.

Annual Career Fair

Join numerous other companies to present opportunities to our growing engineering student population.

Student Organization Partners

Help support specific student organizations (IEEE, TBP, ASME, BMES, AIChE and others) in their activities.

Contact Jennifer Casasanto ([email protected]) to take advantage of a complimentary annual ECAP membership for your organization.