Brown University School of Engineering

IMNI Seminar Series: Professor Petr Kral, University of Illinois at Chicago

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012 4:30pm - 5:30pm

We welcome Professor Petr Kral from the University of Illinois at Chicago as a guest speaker this afternoon. Barus and Holley, Room 190 4:30 - 5:30 pm Talk entitled, "Functionalized Nanocarbons: Nanofluidics,Electronics and Self-assembly" Professor Kral's lab presents their studies of functionalized nanocarbons with many potential applications. First, they use molecular dynamics simulations to study fast, selective, and controllable passage of ions and molecules through graphene pores and nanocarbons connected by ligands. The graphene pores have been recently tested in DNA sequencing. Next, they investigate electronic properties of porous nanocarbons and show that porous nanostructures can be mapped one the regular ones from the point of their electronic structures. They also study other physical properties of the porous and otherwise modified graphene systems. Finally, they show that water nanodroplets can activate and guide folding of planar graphene nanostructures. Nanodroplets can induce rapid bending, folding, sliding, rolling, and zipping of graphene nanostructures, which can lead to their self-assembly into sandwiches, capsules, knots, and rings. Graphene nanoribbons can also wrap in complex but controllable ways on the surfaces of nanostructures and in their interiors.