Brown University School of Engineering

Developing Graduate Scientific Communication Skills

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Tuesday, March 05, 2013 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Profs Judith Bender & Erica Larschan (Bio-MCB) will discuss the design & development of a graduate course, BIOL2150 “Scientific Communication”. The course was launched in 2009 for 2nd-yr PhD students to teach essential professional communication skills. Students prepare oral & written projects based on thesis research including an NSF or NIH graduate fellowship proposal. Each year students have succeeded in obtaining funded awards or honorable mention for proposals submitted during the class. Graduates of the class also have high success rates for the written component of the PhD qualifying exam and for NIH fellowship proposals. Profs Bender & Larschan will also discuss how the course has evolved each year. Key improvements include development of a “logic tree” outline of the research project, preparing combined written & oral peer review critiques of classmates’ projects, and preparing an oral presentation of a classmate’s project for a general audience. Brown-bag lunch