Brown University School of Engineering

Superfund Research Program: Seminar

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Friday, April 05, 2013 12:00pm - 1:00pm

"Environmental Law for Scientists: Overview and Opportunities,"
presented by Lawrence Schnapf, Founder of Schnapf LLC,
Professor of Environmental Law at New York Law School
Environmental laws can impose strict and joint liability for cleanup of contaminated property on a full range of parties including past and current property owners, tenants, property managers, lenders, parent or successor corporations and others who have the right to possess or occupy property. While the laws are three decades old, their narrative continues to evolve. For example, though these laws were intended to be comprehensive in scope, there are many regulatory gaps that might not cover certain types of contamination. In addition to these environmental statutes, traditional common law actions may be available to people who experience adverse health effects from exposure to hazardous substances or who have property that has lost value due to contamination. Because the contamination often occurred decades ago, environmental litigation involves complex questions of law and fact that will usually require use of scientists to provide consulting or expert testimony.