Brown University School of Engineering

Dr. Richard F. Jordan from the University of Chicago

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Metal Catalyzed Copolymerization of Olefins with Polar Vinyl Monomers Dr. Richard Jordan Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago Tuesday, April 15th; Noon; BH 190 Host: Center for the Capture and Conversion of CO2 Abstract: The development of catalysts that incorporate polar CH2=CHX monomers in olefin insertion polymerizations would enable the direct synthesis of functionalized plastics. Palladium catalysts based on ortho-phosphino-arene-sulfonate ligands, (PO)PdR, copolymerize ethylene with alkyl and aryl vinyl ethers to linear copolymers containing up to 10 mol % vinyl ether. The (PO)PdR catalysts also copolymerize ethylene and vinyl fluoride. Mechanistic studies confirm that these materials are true copolymers, rule out ionic and radical polymerization mechanisms, and support insertion polymerization mechanisms. New (phosphine-sulfonate)PdR catalysts that self assemble into tetranuclear arrays and produce ultra high molecular weight polymer and incorporate higher levels of vinyl fluoride have been developed. The electronic asymmetry associated the phosphine-sulfonate ligands in(PO)PdR catalysts appears to be important for their finction and new families of catalysts with electronically unsymmetrical ligands including NHC-sulfonates, phosphine-borates and phosphine-phosphonates are being explored.