Brown University School of Engineering

Pure Storage Information Session

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Monday, October 16, 2017 6:00pm - 7:30pm
CareerLab, 167 Angell Street, 1st Floor

Come early to grab some food and enter in to our giveaway for a 1TB SSD! Not familiar with Pure Storage? We are a fast growing company in the heart of the Silicon Valley, whose engineers are disrupting a $15 billion annual (and growing) market for enterprise storage. Our tech talk will explore the current storage landscape along with the rise of flash storage in the consumer and enterprise space. We will explain the importance of customizing software for flash storage and dive into the guiding principles of our Purity software. You’ll learn about data redundancy & integrity, how we do data reduction, and get an overview of the many interesting problems that Pure faces at scale. You'll also get to hear from a Brown alum about what it's like to work on Pure's world class engineering team. Bring your resume! We will be hosting on campus interviews the next day (Tuesday October 17th) for a select few students that we meet at the tech talk.