Brown University School of Engineering

Space Horizons: Doing Science Without Sponsors

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Saturday, February 10, 2018 8:30am - 6:00pm

Space Horizons, Brown University's annual 1-day immersion on space innovations that are still just over the horizon, will explore how NewSpace can provide opportunities for great new science in its 10th annual workshop. Entrepreneurial energy is redesigning space bringing new constituencies and new space possibilities together in commercial remote sensing, communications and connectivity, space exploration and resource exploitation, and maybe most visibly, space tourism. Increasing launch rates with growing capacity to a variety of orbit and even interplanetary trajectories, construction of space system and components by private, for profit organizations using commercial electronics components, methods, management and production rates, is driving down costs. Science has traditionally leveraged any and all new possibilities to extend our vision. Darwin explored the Galapagos piggybacking on British naval expeditions. Penzias and Wilson were troubleshooting a Bell System commercial microwave communications system when they heard the cosmic background radiation which led to their Nobel Prize in physics. On February 10, we'll hear from some of the entrepreneurs who will be providing us new pathways into new places and capabilities in space, from scientists with ideas to harness their entrepreneurial energy for research, and from students with fresh ideas both for the space ventures and space discovery.