Brown University School of Engineering

IPP: Facebook’s Fireside Chat

Thursday, September 12, 2019


Industry Partners Program, Computer Science

Watson Center for Information Technology (CIT), 368

Come learn more about different careers at Facebook! We will have 3 employees from different areas (Data Scientist, Data Engineer & Software Engineer) sit on a panel and you will have the opportunity to ask questions you may have. Food will be provided!


Alex Weinger, Data Engineer, NYC Office

Alex is a data engineer on the News team in the New York office. He works on two different products: Today In, a tab for local news and community information, as well as the News tab, a new place on Facebook to find the news you’re interested in and the top stories of the day. 

Eleane Jao, Software Engineer, NYC Office

Eleane is on the FBiOS App Integrations and works on building client infrastructure and improving performance in our Facebook iOS app.


Nick Stanisha, Data Scientist, Boston Office

Nick is on the Infrastructure Strategy team at Facebook. He graduated with a degree in Physics from Penn State University in 2014. He split his time at Facebook working on site efficiency (improving performance on machines that serve traffic to and traffic optimization for Facebook’s CDN.