Brown University School of Engineering

Luce Scholars Program - Campus Deadline

Friday, October 11, 2019


Office of the Dean of the College

The Luce Scholars Program is a unique and exciting Fellowship opportunity for emerging leaders in various fields who are open to and deeply curious about Asia and Asian culture.

The scholarship assigns winners to internship positions in many different Asian countries each year. Each year 15-18 fellows are selected nationally from a select group of universities including Brown. Graduating seniors and recent alumni are eligible. Brown can only nominate three students, therefore, we have an internal selection process to determine who to nominate.

By the campus deadline of October 11, 2019, applicants must submit the following materials through the Luce Scholars online application system.

Luce Scholars Program Application from the Luce Scholars website - including the Contact Information Form.

1,500-word personal statement

Four letters of recommendation addressed to Linda Dunleavy, Associate Dean of the College for Fellowships.

An official Brown University transcript (and of all college and graduate work)

A photo - A simple headshot that will be used to facilitate in-person interviews.