Brown University School of Engineering

Carney SciCom Workshop: Scientific poster design

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

3:00pm - 4:30pm

Carney SciCom is a two-part workshop for Brown University trainees focused on science communication skills. The goal of these workshops is to empower trainees to share their research with broad and diverse audiences. In this session, participants will learn best practices for designing informative and engaging scientific posters.

Andrew Creamer, Brown University Library’s scientific data management specialist, and Kelsey Sawyer, biomedical life sciences librarian, will discuss scientific criteria for successful posters, and share resources for designing conference posters. Jaci DaCosta, art director in the Office of University Communications, will discuss design principles — including typography, contrast and accessibility — and demonstrate how to adapt designs for multimedia. DaCosta will develop a poster template, which will be shared with participants following the workshop.

Design experience is not required for this workshop. However, it is recommended that participants familiarize themselves with Adobe InDesign. Introductory courses to the Adobe Creative Suite are available through Brown’s LinkedIn Learning in Workday.

RSVP is required. 

The second workshop in this series, entitled “Carney SciCom Workshop: Interactive scientific posters,” will be held on June 23.