Brown University School of Engineering

News from February, 2013

Wireless brain sensor

Brown unveils novel wireless brain sensor

Cortex communication:

In a significant advance for brain-machine interfaces, engineers at Brown University have developed a novel wireless, broadband, rechargeable, fully implantable brain sensor that has performed well in animal models for more than a year. They describe the result in the Journal of Neural Engineering and at a conference this week.

Robotic bat wing

Brown researchers build robotic bat wing

Wing of bat in life and lab:

The strong, flapping flight of bats offers great possibilities for the design of small aircraft, among other applications. By building a robotic bat wing, Brown researchers have uncovered flight secrets of real bats: the function of ligaments, the elasticity of skin, the structural support of musculature, skeletal flexibility, upstroke, downstroke.

New NAE Members

Brown Engineering Alumni H. David Hibbitt Ph.D. ’72 and Enrique Lavernia ’82 Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

Brown University engineering alumni H. David Hibbitt Ph.D. ’72 and Enrique Lavernia ’82 have been elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE). Hibbitt, founder and retired chairman of ABAQUS Inc. (now known as Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp.), was honored for creation and development of the ABAQUS finite element code for nonlinear structural analysis and its worldwide dissemination. He is one of 11 new foreign associates elected.

New Associate Dean

Robert Rome Named Associate Dean for Development and Planning at Brown University School of Engineering

Robert Rome:

Robert Rome has been named to the newly created position of associate dean for development and planning at the School of Engineering at Brown University. Rome began his duties on February 4 and is responsible for development of expanded master’s programs, growth of industry connections, planning for space growth of the School, communications, development, and diversity initiatives.

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