Brown University School of Engineering

Domenico Pacifici Awarded Henry Merritt Wriston Fellowship

May 31, 2013
Assistant Professor Domenico Pacifici

Assistant Professor of Engineering Domenico Pacifici has been awarded a Henry Merritt Wriston Fellowship. Pacifici is one of four recipients of the fellowship which is awarded each year to regular untenured members of the Brown University faculty (assistant professors and lecturers) who have achieved a record of excellence in teaching and scholarship during their first years at the University. The winners, chosen by a faculty committee, are granted one semester of leave on special assignment at full compensation, including benefits, during the next academic year. Other winners in 2013 include: Jonathan Conant, assistant professor of history, Fiery Cushman, assistant professor of cognitive, linguistic, and psychological sciences, and Vanessa Ryan, assistant professor of English.

Professor Pacifici and his research group are currently leading research projects aimed at the exploitation of photons in nano-engineered materials for information, sensing and energy-harvesting applications.

It is the second consecutive year an engineering professor has won the prestigious fellowship. Assistant Professor Rashid Zia won a Wriston Fellowship in 2012.