Brown University School of Engineering

Professor Jeffrey Morgan featured in RIF campaign

July 31, 2013

Professor Jeffrey Morgan has invented an improved petri dish being manufactured in Cranston, and is featured in a new Rhode Island Foundation campaign with the slogan, “It’s All in Our Backyard.”

Credit: Bob Thayer/The Providence Journal

The research of Jeffrey Morgan, professor of medical science and co-director of the Center for Biomedical Engineering, is among the positive stories around the state highlighted by the Rhode Island Foundation in a campaign launched Wednesday, July 31, 2013, with the slogan, “It’s All in Our Backyard.”

Morgan has developed “3-D petri dishes” that promote lab growth of tissues for research where the volume and structure of tissues are important. He has founded a local company, MicroTissues Inc., and works with a manufacturer in Cranston.

“When I was approached by the Rhode Island Foundation, I was happy to contribute a positive story to their campaign,” said Morgan, whose story is among those featured in a 
Providence Journal report on the campaign. “It’s a chance to highlight our research, speak to how the University’s Technology Ventures Office is helping move innovations into the marketplace and how Rhode Island is a place where high-tech things can be manufactured. I’m sure there are hundreds more positive ‘my backyard’ stories to be told by other Brown faculty and Rhode Islanders.”