Brown University School of Engineering

News from November, 2013

AIChE Awards

Brown Engineers Win Four Awards at AIChE National Poster Competition

AIChE National Poster Competition Winners:

Several Brown University engineering students attended the 2013 AIChE Annual Student Conference in early November in San Francisco. Four chemical engineering students returned to Providence with awards from the national poster competition. This year’s Brown AIChE team that attended the national meeting included: Helen Bergstrom ’15, Christy Chao ’14, Christopher Culin ’14, Cory Hargus ’14, and Tegan Tingley ’15.

Bat Performance Study

For young players, light bats don’t hit too fast

Joy in Mudville:
The use of non-wood bats in youth baseball has spurred decades of controversy about whether they propel the ball too fast, in part because of their higher bat-to-ball energy transfer — the “trampoline effect.” A study at Brown University finds that in some cases non-wood bats do not hit the ball any faster. In the hands of young teen players, for example, lighter non-wood bats hit the ball at wood-like speeds.

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