Brown University School of Engineering

School of Engineering Hosts Largest and Most Successful Career and Internship Fair

January 30, 2014

On Saturday, January 25, the Brown University School of Engineering hosted its third annual Internship and Career Fair at Barus Holley. A record turnout of more than 225 students and 33 companies attended.

“The incredible response from students and companies this year marks a significant step in the growth of the School of Engineering,” said Associate Dean Rob Rome. “We are now able to match student interest with industrial opportunity. “This is the well-rounded education a strong engineering school should provide. The mutual benefits returned to students, faculty, and companies create a system that enables possibilities for everyone.”

Both students and company representatives were pleased with the event.

“This year's career fair was by the best attended from a student and employee basis,” said one company representative who has attended each year. “Because it was the third career fair, I expected it to continually grow, but this year it exploded.”

One student summed it up by saying, “the event was fantastic!”

Here’s a sample of the reaction from some of the companies that attended:

“We saw a huge group of engineers that seemed like they would be a great fit for our organization. Based on the response, I am proposing that we internally recognize Brown as a core recruiting school.”

“The fair was excellent in all aspects. Overall, I think it was a great event, especially since the number of students participating has grown so much.”

“EXCELLENT event, well organized. Students were well prepared. Already looking forward to next year’s event.”

“I thought it was very well run. Lots of enthusiastic students. I was very impressed with all the students I talked to. I will try to encourage our recruiting staff here to pay more attention to Brown.”

“Great turnout, great students.”

“Highly energetic, intelligent, articulate professional students attended. The timing of the event was excellent and well executed. I enjoyed attending very much.”

“The event was well organized (food, maps of locations, sign-in, etc.).”

“We got to talk to a number of smart students from all engineering disciplines Event schedule was good. Opportunities to present, meet students, and networked were well balanced and sequenced.”

Here is a sample of the student reaction:

“There were some great companies with varied interests there, and I appreciated the opportunities. I especially appreciated the number of alumni that turned out on behalf of their companies.”

“I thought it was very well organized; it was great to be exposed to the many different companies before actually getting the chance to talk to them.”

“It was very well run; the talks by the companies were very helpful.”

“I love the way it is organized, where the companies give a small intro then the booths are available.”

“It was helpful to have alumni who could connect at a personal level with students and advise them on career choices. I mostly appreciated the insight on the type of work they do and how my career goals best match what is available at a given company.”

“I liked having the presentations before we talked to the companies because there were several that, by looking online, I would not have thought would want people from my area of study.”

“I really liked the resume check the day before and the company presentations.”

“Overall, it was a very helpful event. I feel that I have a stronger connection to these company representatives than ones at other career fairs since they graduated from Brown. Thanks for the opportunity!”

“I really enjoyed the career fair as it is a great opportunity to learn about companies and the people working for them. It is the type of exposure one can’t get from looking at a website and research.”

“Very well organized. Good job!”

“I love the variety of companies at the fair.”

“I liked the format - having company presentations and free time to meet with companies exposed me to more companies than I initially thought I would see.”

“Great set-up, liked the variety of companies. Short presentations were good. I liked the name-tags, food.”

“It was great!”