Brown University School of Engineering

News from May, 2014

Actions of the Corporation

Corporation announces site for engineering building

A new engineering building:
At its regular Commencement Weekend meeting on Friday, May 23, 2014, the Corporation of Brown University approved building sites for the School of Engineering and the Division of Applied Mathematics, and formally accepted gifts to the University totaling more than $46.6 million, including several gifts for engineering and entrepreneurship.

Commencement 2014

The University Commencement and the School of Engineering undergraduate diploma ceremony will be held on Sunday, May 25.


Tiny muscles help bats fine-tune flight

Fine-tuning flight:
Bats appear to use a network of hair-thin muscles in their wing skin to control the stiffness and shape of their wings as they fly, according to a new study. The finding provides new insight about the aerodynamic fine-tuning of membrane wings, both natural and man-made.

Five projects receive awards

Engineering Projects Get Seed Funding

Thirteen Brown research projects, including five involving researchers from the School of Engineering, attracted $970,000 in Seed Awards through the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR). This record level of support results from funds committed to projects that have grown out of the Signature Academic Initiative process.

The winners of the Seed Awards, along with the Salomon Awards, were recognized on May 5 at The University Awards Ceremony – A Celebration of Teaching and Research.


Techstyle Haus is done; now it comes down

2014 Solar Decathlon Europe:
With construction of the Brown/RISD/Erfurt solar house complete, team members are beginning to dismantle it, pack it into shipping containers, and send it to France. The team will fly over, reassemble it at Versailles, and compete in the 2014 Solar Decathlon Europe, beginning June 28.

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