Brown University School of Engineering

News from February, 2017

NIH Grant News

Brown's Coulombe Receives Five-Year, 2.27M Grant from NIH

Brown University Assistant Professor of Engineering Kareen Coulombe has been awarded a five-year $2.27 million grant from the National Institutes of Health. Her research proposes to develop an engineered human cardiac tissue therapy that addresses pressing needs for translational implementation by using human cardiomyocytes in natural hybrid biomaterials.

With mini-vessels, mini-brains expand research potential

Complete with capillaries.  Under the microscope lab staining highlights a network of vasculature amid the ball of neurons that make up a minibrain. Hoffman-Kim lab/Brown University:

A new study shows that Brown University’s mini-brains produce networks of capillaries, an important anatomical feature for lab studies of stroke and other circulation-related brain diseases.

Scientists have recently made a wondrous variety of mini-brains — 3-D cultures of neural cells that model basic properties of living brains — but a new finding could add to the field’s growing excitement in an entirely new “vein”: Brown University’s mini-brains now grow blood vessels, too.

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