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New NIH grants support child health research

Several Brown University faculty members, including Sean Deoni from the School of Engineering, are key participants in three projects investigating how early life and environmental exposures affect children.

Plasmonic Interferometry

Researchers make better sense of incoherent light

Mapping coherence:
A technique called plasmonic interferometry helps to detect spatial coherence in ‘incoherent’ light.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — One of the differences between lasers and desk lamps is that laser light is spatially coherent, meaning the peaks and valleys of the light waves are correlated with each other. The jumbled, uncorrelated waves coming from a desk lamp, on the other hand, are often said to be incoherent.

Brown Associate Professor Sherief Reda Receives JESOR Grant

Brown Engineering Associate Professor Sherief Reda has been named a recipient of a JESOR grant from Egypt’s Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. The JESOR grant is a one million Egyptian pound (an equivalent of $120,000) award over two years, which will support Brown’s Reda and his collaborator, Professor Mohamed Shalan, at American University in Cairo (AUC) for silicon tape-outs and travel exchanges between Brown and AUC.

Staff Advisory Council Spotlight: Nirva LaFortune

Nirva LaFortune: Manager of Academic Programs and Student Affairs, School of Engineering:

After participating in the Brown Staff Summer Reading Program, a thought-provoking and interesting discussion on the First Readings book, "My Beloved World", Nirva LaFortune sat down with SAC to tell us about her childhood, heritage, and how she ended up at Brown. 

Summer Research

Profiles in Summer Research: Sophia Gluskin-Braun

Sophia Gluskin-Braun:

With a passion for problem-solving, the engineering concentrator is focused on the fundamentals of light and playing a role in promising research on next-generation solar cells.

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