Brown University School of Engineering

Administrative Staff

Dean's Office

Name Title Email Office Phone
Larry Larson Dean of Engineering B&H 306  
Jennifer Casasanto Associate Dean for Programs and Planning B&H 318 863-1433
Allison Walsh Executive Assistant to the Deans B&H 3S 863-2276

Academic Programs and Student Affairs

Name Title Email Office Phone
Carolyn Harris Manager, Academic Programs and Student Affairs B&H 322 863-6859
Tori Riccitelli Academic Program Coordinator B&H 307 863-1471
Debbie Brown PRIME Coordinator Prince Lab Mezzanine 863-6843
Kathy DiOrio Graduate Program Coordinator B&H 307 863-1296

Administrative and Faculty Support

Name Title Email Office Phone
Peter Murphy Manager, Administrative and Faculty Support B&H 216 863-5191
Chantée Weah Assistant Manager, Administrative Support B&H 241 863-2495
Rita Fitzgerald Human Resources Coordinator B&H 2S 863-1403
Natalia Ignatyeva Faculty Affairs Coordinator B&H 2S 863-5436
Pat Capece Administrative Assistant B&H 7N 863-1501
Diane Felber Administrative Assistant B&H 6S 863-1458
Stephanie Gesualdi Administrative Assistant B&H 7N 863-1478
Agnes Madriaga  Administrative Assistant B&H 2N 863-1415
Cathy McElroy Administrative Assistant B&H 4N 863-5437
Carolyn Sherman Adminstrative Assistant B&H 4N 863-1445
TBA Administrative Assistant B&H 6S  863-1481 

Communications and Events

Name Title Email Office Phone
Gordon Morton Manager of Communications and External Relations B&H 302 863-2679
Amy Simmons Senior Communications Coordinator B&H 3S 863-9047
Beth James Communications Coordinator B&H 3S  863-1424

Facilities and Operations

Name Title Email Office Phone
Paul Waltz Manager, Facilities and Operations B&H 343 863-1461
Angely Saldana Facilities and Operations Coordinator B&H 343a 863-1427
John Lee Stockroom Assistant Stock Room 863-2509

Finance and Operations

Name Title Email Office Phone
Nancy Carroll Director, Finance and Operations B&H 308 863-2319
Andrea Capotosto Financial Analyst B&H 314 863-2678
Tina Trahan Financial Coordinator B&H 4N 863-1426
David Thurber Financial Assistant B&H 4N 863- 5917


Name Title Email Office Phone
Sue Prendergast Assistant Director, IMNI B&H 647 863-2184
Kimberley Cavanaugh Mgr. Finance & Administraton, IMNI B&H 645 863-6772
Danielle Lilly Program Coordinator, IMNI B&H 643 863-3607
Tara Greenwood Administrative Assistant, IMNI B&H 6N 863-1386

Information Technology

Name Title Email Office Phone
David Mycue IT Director B&H 745 863-2631
Weibin Zhang Systems Manager B&H 742 863-1504
Robert Sheldon Systems Administrator B&H 742 863-3922
Greg Godino IT Support Consultant B&H 742 863-5244

Research Administration

Name Title Email Office Phone
Lisa Emgushov Manager, Research Administration BH 316 863-1425
Kelly da Ponte Grants and Contracts Specialist B&H 3S  863-5430

Sigma Xi

Name Title Email Office Phone
Geeta Chougule Sigma Xi Program Assistant   863-6892