Brown University School of Engineering

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Faculty

Chemical and Biochemical ENGINEERING Faculty

Vicki Colvin
Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley 
Vernon K. Krieble Professor of Chemistry and Engineering; Director, Center for Biomedical Engineering
Template chemistry, meso- and macroporous solids, nanocrystalline oxides, photonic band gap materials, confined glasses

C. Franklin Goldsmith
Ph.D. M.I.T.
Assistant Professor
Combustion chemistry, catalysis, electronic structure methods, computational kinetics
Robert Hurt
Ph.D. M.I.T.
Professor; Director, Brown Superfund Program
Laboratory for Environmental and Health Nanoscience (LEHN)
Carbon materials, mesogenic materials, nanotoxicology, nanomaterials in the environment, graphene-based materials
(see also Biomedical Engineering Faculty, Environmental Engineering Faculty, Materials Engineering Faculty) 
Indrek Kulaots 
Ph.D., Brown University
Senior Lecturer
No cost carbonized bio-wastes for environmental clean up, porous structures in graphene family materials, sustainable use of conventional energy resources, reuse of byproducts in energy conversion processes
(see also Environmental Engineering Faculty)   
G. Tayhas Palmore
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Professor of Engineering and Medical Science; Professor of Chemistry
Electrochemical energy conversion, biochemical sensing
(see also Biomedical Engineering Faculty, Environmental Engineering Faculty, Materials Engineering Faculty)  
Andrew Peterson
Ph.D., M.I.T.
Assistant Professor
Catalyst Design Lab
Heterogeneous catalysis, electronic structure theory, sustainable fuels
(see also Environmental Engineering Faculty)  
Brian Sheldon
Sc.D., M.I.T.
Carbon materials, chemical vapor deposition, composites, battery technologies
(see also Materials Engineering Faculty)  
Anita Shukla 
Ph.D., M.I.T.
Assistant Professor
Shukla Lab for Designer Biomaterials
Biomaterials, self-assembly, drug delivery, regenerative medicine.
(see also Biomedical Engineering Faculty, Materials Engineering Faculty) 
Eric Suuberg
Sc.D., M.I.T.
C.V. Starr Professor of Technology Entrepreneurship; Professor of Engineering; Associate Director, Brown Superfund Program; Co-Director, PRIME Program
Suuberg Laboratory
Kinetics, combustion, carbons, energy/environmental issues
(see also Environmental Engineering Faculty 
Anubhav Tripathi
Ph.D., City University of New York
Professor; EMSTL Executive Academic Director
Biomedical Engineering Laboratory
Understanding complex biomaterials using microfluidics, proteomics, high throughput screening, rheology of complex fluids and lab on a chip applications
(see also Biomedical Engineering Faculty, Materials Engineering Faculty)  
Chemical and Biochemical ENGINEERING Emeriti and Research Faculty
Bruce Caswell
Ph.D., Stanford University
Professor Emeritus, Professor (Research)
Viscoelastic flows; heat transfer