Brown University School of Engineering

Computer Engineering Research

Faculty and students perform work in the areas of speech recognition and hardware for speech processing, reconfigurable and parallel computing and microphone array research. Current activity is focused on addressing many of the problems associated with real environments using large-aperture microphone arrays. In addition to the research area of embedded signal-processing systems, a multidisciplinary project is devoted to modeling, manipulation, analysis, and inferencing from data of 3-dimensional shape and its application to archaeology and art.

Research covered in Computer System Design spans a broad spectrum of topics, including design automation and test of integrated circuits, reconfigurable computing, probabilistic computing, embedded system design, reliability of digital integrated circuits, computer architecture, 3D integrated circuits, and synergies between biological and computational systems 


  • Iris Bahar - computer architecture, CAD for VLSI circuit design, nano-computing.
  • David Cooper - computer vision, pattern recognition, communication and information sciences.
  • Pedro Felzenszwalb - Computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithms.
  • Benjamin Kimia - computer vision and image processing, artificial intelligence. 
  • Joe Mundy - computer vision, artificial intelligence, multimedia, nanocomputing.
  • William Patterson - computer architecture, analog/digital design.
  • Sherief Reda - energy-efficient computing systems, design automation and test of integrated circuits, computer architecture, reconfigurable computing.
  • Jacob Rosenstein - mixed-signal electronics, instrumentation, electrophysiology, nanopore sensors, embedded systems, VLSI, sensor interfaces, microfluidics.
  • Harvey Silverman - digital signal processing, speech recognition and analysis, computer architecture, microphone-array systems, nonlinear optimization.
  • Gabriel Taubin - computer vision, computer graphics, geometric modeling, mesh signal processing, geometry compression, smart cameras, smart sensor networks, embedded systems.