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Brown Engineering stresses the basic scientific principles that underlie present and future engineering practice. There is a balance between applied science and technical training. Brown graduate students gain valuable technical experience through independent study and close relationships with research faculty.

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Graduate Engineering Courses

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Core graduate courses
Course Number Title Fall 2019 Spring 2020
ENGN 2010 Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Physics I Zaki
ENGN 2020 Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Physics II
Graduate solid mechanics courses
Course Number Title  Fall 2019 Spring 2020 
ENGN 2210 Continuum Mechanics Guduru
ENGN 2220 Mechanics of Solids Hennan
ENGN 2240 Linear Elasticity
ENGN 2260 Stress Waves in Solids
ENGN 2290 Plasticity (APMA2370) Guduru
ENGN 2320 Experimental Mechanics
ENGN 2340 Computational Methods in Structural Mechanics Bazilevs
ENGN 2370B Topics in Solid and Structural Mechanics
ENGN 2380 Fracture Mechanics
ENGN 2910O Molecular Simulation Methods in Mechanics and Physics
ENGN 2912N Isogeometric Methods in Computational Mechanics Bazilevs
ENGN 2920B Mechanics of Energy Storage Materials
Graduate materials science courses
Course Number Title Fall 2019  Spring 2020 
ENGN 2400 Electron Microscopy in Materials Science
ENGN 2410 Thermodynamics of Materials Paine
ENGN 2420 Kinetic Processes and Mechanisms in Materials Science
ENGN 2430 Deformation Behavior of Materials
ENGN 2490A Crystal Structures and Crystallography Paine
ENGN 2930 Atomistic Modeling of Materials
Graduate electrical and computer engineering courses
Course Number Title Fall 2019  Spring 2020 
ENGN 2500 Medical Image Analysis Kimia
ENGN 2501 Digital Geometry Processing 
ENGN 2502 3D Photography 
ENGN 2520 Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Felzenszwalb
ENGN 2530 Digital Signal Processing Silverman
ENGN 2540 Speech Processing
ENGN 2560 Computer Vision
ENGN 2600 Electronic Process in Semiconductors
ENGN 2610 Physics of Solid State Devices
ENGN 2620 Solid State Quantum and Optoelectronics
ENGN 2625 Optical Microscopy: Fundamentals and Applications Toussaint
ENGN 2660 Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Heterostructures Zaslavsky
ENGN 2910A Advanced Computer Architecture
ENGN 2911Q Advanced Digital Design Reda
ENGN 2911T Ultrafast Optics
ENGN 2911X Reconfigurable Computing: Accelerate Your Algorithms
ENGN 2912B  C++ Programming Taubin
ENGN 2912E Low Power VLSI System Design
ENGN 2912K Mixed-Signal Electronic Design 
ENGN 2912L Topics in Bioelectronics
ENGN 2912P Topics in Optimization
ENGN 2912Q Coherence of Light in Nanooptics and Plasmonics Pacifici
ENGN 2912Z Machine Learning to Experiment
Graduate fluids and thermal sciences courses
Course Number Title Fall 2019  Spring 2020 
ENGN 2735 Vibration of Mechanical Systems Harris
ENGN 2760 Heat and Mass Transfer
ENGN 2810 Fluid Mechanics I (AM241) Ault
ENGN 2820 Fluid Mechanics II (AM242) Maxy
ENGN 2912F Soft Matter
ENGN 2912H Interfacial Phenomena
ENGN 2912J Asymtotic and Perturbation Methods
ENGN 2920A Complex Fluids: Particles and Interfaces
ENGN 2921 Swimming and Flying: The Mechanics of Animal Locomotion
Graduate chemical and environmental engineering courses
 Course Number Title Fall 2019  Spring 2020 
ENGN 2750 Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Engineering Goldsmith
ENGN 2770 Catalyst Design and Atomistic Reaction Engineering
ENGN 2910L Chemical Transport Processes in the Environment
ENGN 2750 Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Engineering Goldsmith
ENGN 2910Q Chemically Reacting Flow
ENGN 2910Z Small Wonders: The Science, Technology, & Human Health...
ENGN 2911P Fate and Transport of Environmental Contaminants
ENGN 2911S Molecular Processes in Environmental Science and Technology
ENGN 2920D Environmental Technologies and Human Health
ENGN 2991 Characterizing Nanomaterial Structure
Graduate biomedical engineering courses
Course Number Title Fall 2019  Spring 2020 
ENGN 2910G Topics in Transitional Research and Technology Tripathi
ENGN 2910S Cancer Nanotechnology Wong
ENGN 2911R Analytical Modeling for Biomechanical and Biomedical Systems Srivastava
ENGN 2912R Implantable Devices Borton
Graduate Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (PRIME) courses
Course Number Title Fall 2019  Spring 2020 
ENGN 2110 Business Engineering Fundementals I McHugh
ENGN 2120 Business Engineering Fundementals II
ENGN 2125 Engineering Management and Decision Making
ENGN 2130 Innovation and Technology Management I Norige
ENGN 2140 Innovation and Technology Management II
ENGN 2150 Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization I Harry
ENGN 2160 Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization II
ENGN 2180 Global Immersion Experience and Entrepreneurship Lab McHugh
ENGN 2911F Topics in Emerging and Breakthrough Tech