Brown University School of Engineering

Five-year ScB/ScM Requirements

Undergraduates in Engineering with high academic standing may enter an integrated program leading to the award of a Master of Science degree at the end of the academic year following receipt of the Bachelor of Science degree.  General requirements for the Master of Science degree are given in the Brown University Bulletin.

This program normally involves students taking two courses beyond those required to satisfy their Sc.B. concentration during their senior year. Credit for these two courses is then counted toward the (8 course) Sc.M. requirements, thus reducing the tuition payment during the fifth year to 3/4 of the normal amount. The recommended additional undergraduate courses are Engineering 2010 and 2020. Five-year Sc.B./Sc.M. students must satisfy the normal requirements for both degrees. To apply 100-level classes taken during the undergraduate program to the Sc.M. degree, the course can not have been previously used toward the Sc.B. degree. The maximum number of classes which can be transferred from the undergraduate program is 2. The program for the 5th Year Sc.M. must be completed in one year. 

All admission decisions for graduate programs are made at the program level. Rising juniors and seniors who are interested in pursuing a 5th-Year Master’s should contact faculty in their intended programs. Students must apply for this program before they complete their undergraduate studies through the Graduate School's online application system but may defer their admission for up to two years. Applicants are not required to take the GRE. 

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program in Education also offers an engineering/physics track. This program allows undergraduates to earn your Masters of Arts in Teaching certification in a fifth year at Brown. Learn more here.