Brown University School of Engineering

Instructional Computer Facility

Occasionally, one or both sides of BH191 are used for class instruction.  

The current schedule is the background of the login screen in the main lab, so that you may plan your work accordingly.

Undergraduate Instructional Computing Facility
Barus & Holley 191

Help and Support

  • Please refer to the FAQ for common issues.
  • You may email the Engineering IT Team or call 3-1500 during office hours (8-5) with any issues or concerns.


  • 30 Minutes Auto Logoff Policy - Due to security concerns of users not logging off properly in the facility we have implemented a 30 minutes auto logoff policy.
    • Windows will logoff automatically when the computer stays idle for 30 minutes.
    • Any running applications or opened files will be closed without saving.
    • If you do need to leave the computer for more than 30 minutes please save work and log off to avoid issues.

User's Home Directory

  • The user's home directory will be automatically mapped to the U: drive.
    • User's My Documents and Desktop will be redirected to user's Home Directory.

Temporary Work Spaces and Scratch Folders

  • D:\TEMP, D:\TMP, D:\Scratch and D:\Working Folder are the temporary work spaces and scratch folders for programs or projects that require larger space.
  • Please note that all temporary work space and scratch folder contents are removed at logoff. 

Duplex printing using Windows:

  • Select PAWPrints from your Printers and Faxes control panel (Start..Printers and Faxes)
  • Right-click on PAWPrints and select Properties from the quick menu.
  • Click on the Printing Preferences button.
  • Under the Layout tab in the Print on Both Sides section, select Flip on long edge.
  • Click Apply to confirm your duplex print setting.
  • Click OK to close the PAWPrints Properties dialog box.

NOTE: Duplex printing will be your default print setting. Remember to select None in the Print on Both Sides section of the print properties dialog box when you want to print single-sided pages.