Brown University School of Engineering

Brown University Engineering Ranked Second Among Master’s Degree Programs

February 16, 2017

SR Education Group and have released a list of the 2017 Best Master’s in Engineering Programs, and Brown University was ranked No. 2, according to the site’s student reviews and ratings. The rankings are based on reviews of more than 200 engineering schools.

“We are proud that our master’s program has been recognized among the top engineering programs in the country,” said Director of Graduate Studies Eric Chason. “The quality of our faculty, their accessibility and willingness to help, and our relatively small size all combine to make Brown an ideal place to pursue a master’s degree in engineering.”

The programs are ranked using student review data across a variety a factors including quality of instruction, satisfaction with degree, student diversity, campus safety, career advising, and networking opportunities. MIT was ranked first with a student score of 89.62, while Brown was right behind with a score of 89.40. Stanford University rounded out the top three with a student score of 86.88. Cornell (No. 9) and Columbia (No. 15) were the only two other Ivy League schools to make the Top 15.

“It is particularly gratifying to see that we are one of the top-ranked engineering schools among our Ivy League peers, a group that is somewhat distinct from many of the other highly ranked schools,” said Sorensen Family Dean of Engineering Larry Larson. 

One hundred percent of the survey respondents who reviewed the master’s degree program at Brown recommended it.  One graduate said, “I think that my program at Brown is very unique and I would not want to be anywhere else. I am very pleased with the value of the education, as well as the quality of the teaching, professor interaction, and the material being covered.”

A recent graduate wrote the following about the engineering program at Brown, “One of the major pros of this particular graduate program includes the small size of the program. The student to faculty ratio is outstanding, thereby giving students ample opportunities to access individualized help of professors. Professors in the solid mechanics program are all very renowned in their fields of expertise. More than anything, the willingness of professors to help individuals surpasses those of any other professors at other schools I’ve attended.”

Another graduate commented that, “this is an amazing place! I really felt this was a good choice for graduate school.”

According to, the Best Master’s in Engineering Programs are:
1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (89.62)
2. Brown University (89.40)
3. Stanford University (86.88)
4. Carnegie Mellon University (85.51)
5. University of California-Davis (83.42)
6. Purdue University (82.69)
7. Northwestern University (81.62)
8. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (81.47)
9. Cornell University (81.24)
10. University of California-Berkeley (81.02)