Brown University School of Engineering

Brown University's Executive Master in Science & Technology Leadership Welcomes First Student Cohort

March 6, 2017

Brown University is pleased to welcome the first student cohort to begin its newly launched Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership program. The 16-month EMSTL program builds on the University’s interdisciplinary excellence and is designed to help technically-minded professionals transcend their technical expertise to become effective business leaders capable of driving innovation in today’s complex, rapidly evolving, global markets. Students walked through the Van Wickle Gates during convocation and began classes on March 5, 2017.

The class of 2018 is a diverse group of 22 accomplished professionals averaging 15 years of experience in a variety of science and technology sectors and professional roles. From software developers to network and information security engineers, product design professionals and scientific researchers, the selectivity and diversity of the student cohort are key benefits of the program. 

"EMSTL is a powerful collaboration between Brown’s Schools of Engineering and Professional Studies, with the critical engagement of faculty from across the campus,” said Provost Richard Locke. ”The program allows Brown to extend the reach of these exceptional scholars to a group of highly motivated professionals, preparing them to make a significant difference in their fields.”

As with each of Brown's professional studies programs, students are selected based on a demonstrated record of professional achievement, what they will contribute to the peer learning community, and their readiness to benefit from the program. Leadership development and communication, strategic thinking and decision making, global value creation, and innovation are the key themes that drive the EMSTL program, preparing students to become leaders who: 

• Anticipate and respond nimbly to changing customer needs, technology, and competitor dynamics;
• Influence stakeholders and lead cross-cultural, multi-functional teams on a global scale; and 
• Foster a corporate culture of innovation and entrepreneurship primed to seize new business and technology opportunities.

EMSTL melds core business curriculum with technology and intensive, personalized leadership development. Students integrate humanities, social science, business and traditional STEM teachings and are grounded in real-world problem solving. Students entering the program will broaden their impact and become strategic leaders in science and technology industries. 

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