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The Alumni Spotlight featuring

  • Lei Yang '11

    Lei Yang '11

PRIME students learn to use emerging science and technology as a basis for the creation of commercial value and new ventures. The program offers students a strong grounding in how to start and grow a technology-based business in a dynamic, competitive marketplace.

The program includes:

·         Six integrated courses:  These business and technology themed courses are designed specifically for PRIME, ensuring that each class seamlessly integrates with the others.  

          Two free electives: From Brown University's vast array of course offerings.  Each course should be 2000 level or higher in the STEM field and approved by PRIME Advisor.

·         Technology venture project:  Student teams plan the commercialization of an emerging science typically developed by Brown’s renowned Schools of Engineering and Medicine.

·         Global Immersion Experience:  To understand economic strategies, business culture, and entrepreneurship at an international level, PRIME students travel abroad to places as diverse as Ireland and Estonia--gaining a local perspective learned only outside the classroom.

These program features, combined with an extremely diverse and bright set of participants, make PRIME the ideal launchpad to global careers in innovation management, entrepreneurship, and technology consulting.  PRIME transitions students of science and engineering into future technology business leaders.  

PRIME students and faculty in Tallinn, EstoniaPRIME students and faculty in Tallinn, Estonia 
“I walked away from PRIME with a whole new attitude and understanding about the world and entrepreneurship, but most important was how my confidence changed. I am no longer intimidated to take a risk and really start a new venture.”

Mike Ditton '09Mike Ditton '09







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