Final Project | PRIME: Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

Final Project

Throughout the entire year students work side by side with faculty and professionals from inside and outside Brown on a business plan.  They utilize emerging science and new knowledge in order to develop novel product or service concepts which create new value and address commercial and societal needs. Students incorporate their learnings from all the PRIME courses in order to develop an investment-worthy business plan which addresses technology, customer needs, product design, business opportunity, marketing strategy, business model, and commercialization strategy.

Where do the ideas come from?

Typically, most of the ideas are from cutting edge research from inside and outside Brown.  But a few may have an idea before they matriculate. In that case, we would evaluate whether we could help the student find an appropriate advisor who can work with them to develop this pre-existing idea. This might not always be possible (either because the relevant expertise is not to be found at Brown, or the idea is at a stage that makes it inappropriate for the purposes of the program) but it is always welcome.

Is it expected that I launch the business that I work on in the PRIME program?

No, although we would be delighted if a student team chose to do so. The main product of the program is the experience of how to take and develop a technology idea into an innovative venture. In the event that a business is to be further developed beyond the period of the course, Brown is part of a vibrant entrepreneurial network which can offer a wide range of resources to the start-up.

Whitney Sharp Herchek Class of '09Whitney Sharp Herchek Class of '09“PRIME erased the overwhelming uncertainties associated with entrepreneurship. There are common steps to take and certain red flags you should be aware of when reviewing or building a business case. Overall, PRIME gave me a reliable business foundation, supportive network, and most importantly, the confidence to succeed in the entrepreneurial world.”