PRIME Courses | PRIME: Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

PRIME Courses

The PRIME curriculum consists of 6 required courses plus 2 electives, with a technology focus in STEM, as well as, entrepreneurship. 

The PRIME curriculum, like technology and innovation, is constantly evolving as we strive to continually improve the student experience. Students will be informed of any curriculum changes prior to enrollment. 

Please note, the courses listed below reflect the curriculum for current students who began their studies in 2019. 


Course Descriptions

Business Engineering Fundamentals I (ENGN 2110)

Introduces core concepts in accounting, financial management, and corporate strategy. The final third of the course leverages these core concepts in the context of entrepreneurial finance. 

Engineering Management and Decision Making (ENGN 2125)

Students will develop tools, skills, and behaviors required for effective management and decision making in the context of complex engineering, research, and business development projects. 

Innovation and Technology Management I (ENGN 2130)

Examines the strategic management of technological innovation through four modules: (1) industry dynamics of technological innovation, (2) formulating technological innovation strategy, (3) implementing technological innovation strategy, and (4) early commercialization and deployment. 

Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization I (ENGN 2150)

Students develop skills to understand intellectual property issues and to conduct intellectual property due diligence analyses of patent-stage, non-commercially deployed technologies. Students also engage in analyses of commercially available platform technologies. In both contexts, students consider novel product or service concepts for these technologies and evaluate their market potential.

Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization II (ENGN 2160)

Develops core skills in marketing and design and provides students with a framework for development of a perceived market opportunity into a compelling business case for the creation of a high growth new technology-enabled venture. 

Globalization Immersion Experience & Entrepreneurship Laboratory (ENGN 2180)

Students will gain a better understanding of the political, social and cultural dynamics that influence entrepreneurial enterprises in different world regions.  

2 Elective Courses (1 per semester)

Popular electives include courses in finance, strategy, data analytics, or graduate level courses in a student's undergraduate discipline. Electives must be approved by the student's PRIME advisor. 


Whitney Sharp HerchekWhitney Sharp Herchek 
“PRIME erased the overwhelming uncertainties associated with entrepreneurship. There are common steps to take and certain red flags you should be aware of when reviewing or building a business case. Overall, PRIME gave me a reliable business foundation, supportive network, and most importantly, the confidence to succeed in the entrepreneurial world.”