Brown University School of Engineering

Research & Technical Staff

Instructional Staff

Name Title Email Office Phone
Hamzah Ansari Partnership Manager [email protected]    
Benjamin Lyons Senior Technical Assistant [email protected] PL 113E 863-3977
Bill Patterson Senior Research Engineer and Distinguished Senior Lecturer [email protected] B&H 449 863-1449
Zachary Saleeba Research Engineer [email protected] ERC 021/ERC 210
John Shilko Senior Technical Assistant [email protected] PL211 863-2662
George Worth Senior Technical Assistant [email protected] PL212 863-2228
Gerry Zani Senior Technical Assistant [email protected] PL210 863-9571

IMNI Staff

Name Title Email Office Phone
James Carroll Instrument Maker/Machinist [email protected]   863-2575
Michael Jibitsky Senior Research Engineer [email protected] B&H 447 863-1402
Anthony McCormick Senior Research Engineer [email protected] B&H 010A/Lab-B&H 014, B&H 045 863-3909 (Voicemail)
Michael Packer J.E.P.I.S. Manager [email protected]  PL 215  863-2575
Charlie Vickers  Senior Instrument Maker
[email protected]

Donald Wright Instrument Maker/Machinist [email protected]

Research Staff

Name Title Email Office Phone
Ashley Abel Research Assistant [email protected]    
Nako Adodoadji Project Coordinator [email protected]    
Maria Isabel Diaz Research Coordinator [email protected]    
Carolyn Donohoe MRI Technician [email protected]    
Parinaz Fathi Research Associate
Alice Fawzi Project Engineer    
Aaron Gregoire Research Assistant [email protected]    
Siyang Hao Research Associate [email protected]    
Thomas Hosman Research Engineer [email protected]    
Piyush Vijay Jagtap Visiting Research Associate [email protected]    
Tong Jiao Senior Research Associate  [email protected]   863-3034
Jin Ho Kim Senior Research Associate  [email protected]   863-2447
Seunghyun Kim Senior Research Scientist [email protected] B&H 614/Lab-B&H 603 863-2857
Laurie Lynch Neuroengineering Animal Scientist/Lab Manager [email protected] B&H 231  863-1408
Petr Moroshkin Senior Research Associate [email protected]    
Nicholas Mostovych Research Associate [email protected]    
Collin Polucha Animal Care Technician [email protected] 85 Waterman, Room 308 863-5844
David M Rosler Senior Research Associate [email protected]   863-6948
Adriana Carola Salazar Research Coordinator [email protected]    
Beth Travers Laboratory Manager [email protected]   863-1874
Matthew Woodcock Senior Research Engineer [email protected]  


Taeseok Daniel Yang Research Associate [email protected]