Brown University School of Engineering

Seminar Room 751

Barus and Holley Room 751 is a seminar room. The procedures for reserving and using the room, as well as the policies to be used in making scheduling decisions are described below.  


53 people


Barus and Holley Room 751 contains a projector and a screen.


  • To request a reservation of Room 751 for a single event, click on  Calendar, and confirm that the room is available at the time you are requesting.  
  • If the room is available, go Back, and click on Reservation Form, fill in the information requested on the form and send. Confirmation is subject to change based on the scheduling guidelines outlined below. 

Scheduling Guidelines:

As a first step in minimizing scheduling conflicts, users of Room 751 are asked to book only for those times for which there is a very high likelihood that the planned activity will take place and to release the scheduled time as soon as it is known that a scheduled activity will not take place. Secondly, users reserving Room 751 should also understand that there may be times when they will be asked to reschedule or relocate their activity because the room is needed for another activity that is regarded as having higher priority. If scheduling conflicts arise that cannot readily be resolved to the satisfaction of the users involved, then these conflicts will be referred to the Dean of Engineering who, in consultation with the chairs of the departments with competing claims, will make the final decision.