Brown University School of Engineering

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Engineering

Engineers make decisions, by collecting and analyzing data; using scientific principles to formulate analytical models of a process; and predicting the outcome of candidate solutions to a problem. They use their creativity to identify innovative solutions to challenging problems. These skills are valuable not only in technical careers, but also in fields such as public service, enviromnemtal policy, architecture, teaching, technology management, finance; entrepreneurship, or patent law. A foundation in engineering will help prepare you for the future, no matter what your aspirations may be.

The Engineering A.B. degree is offered by the School of Engineering to enable students to combine a rigorous and interdisciplinary foundation in engineering with the diverse opportunities offered by Brown's liberal arts curriculum. With only ten required courses, it has the greatest flexibility of all the School's degree programs.

For detailed degree requirements, please see the University Bulletin.

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