Brown University School of Engineering

Engineering Physics

Sc.B. in Engineering Physics

Much of engineering has its roots in physics, and physics relies on engineers to develop the instrumentation necessary to advance the field.

The Sc.B. degree in engineering and physics is offered jointly by the School of Engineering and the Department of Physics. It enables students to craft a program that combines both disciplines, and provides an excellent foundation for a research career.

The program can be entered by taking the standard introductory sequence of courses from either department, and offers a choice between physics and engineering for many upper level courses.

The program has a total of 19 required courses, and has the following general structure

  • Two introductory courses in engineering or physics
  • Five courses in mathematics, applied mathematics or mathematical physics
  • A computer programming course
  • Ten additional courses in physics and/or engineering, which include electricity and magetism, advanced classical mechanics, electrical circuits, chemistry or continuum mechanics, quantum mechanics, and solid state physics.
  • A thesis in engineering or physics

Additional Information

Sample course plan (for requirements see the University Bulletin)

I ENGN 0030 or ENGN 0031
or PHYS0050 or 0070
Introduction to Engineering or Honors Introduction to Engineering
or Newtonian Physics
CHEM 0330 † Equilibrium, Rate, and Structure
MATH 0190 AP Calculus (Physics/Engineering)
II ENGN 0040
PHYS 0060 or 0160
Dynamics and Vibrations
MATH 0200 Intermediate Calculus (Physics/Engineering)
CSCI 0111 or APMA 0160 § Computing Foundations: Data or Introduction to Scientific Computing
III ENGN 0510 or
PH0470 *
Electricity and Magnetism
ENGN0410 ** Materials
APMA 0330†† Methods of Applied Mathematics I
IV ENGN 0720§§ Thermodynamics
APMA 0340†† Methods of Applied Mathematics II
V PHYS1410 Quantum Mechanics
VI PHYS1420 Quantum Mechanics
ENGN 1370 or PH0500 Advanced Dynamics
VII Upper Level Course  
Upper Level Course  
VIII ENGN1620 Analysis and Design of Electronic Circuits
Independent Study Thesis in PHYS or ENGN
† ENGN0310, 0810 or a Physics course on continuum mechanics may be substituted
§ Other programming courses may be substituted
* ENG0510 must be followed by ENGN1560; PHYS0470 by PHYS1510
** ENGN1690 or PH0560 may be substituted
†† Other higher level mathematics, applied mathematics or mathematical physics courses may be substituted
§§ PHYS1530 may be substituted