Brown University School of Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Sc.B. in Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineers work to minimize the adverse impacts of human activity on human health and the natural world. Their interests include energy, sustainable energy technologies, energy industry impacts on the environment, water purification, pollution control, public health, recycling, waste disposal, and sustainable design and manufacturing.

The School of Engineering introduced its environmental engineering concentration in 2013, in response to both the growing importance of the field and student interest. The curriculum is built upon Brown’s “standard” engineering core curriculum, adding prerequisites in environmental engineering, biology, and geological sciences. The concentration offers rigorous upper-level engineering electives in energy and in the chemistry of environmental pollution.

The program is seeking accreditation from the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET ( in 2020-2021, as part of the general School of Engineering's scheduled accreditation review.   

The concentration has the following general structure:

  • The interdisciplinary Engineering Sc.B. degree core, including introductory biology, chemistry, and mathematics (one statistics), to be completed during the five semesters

  • Two approved advanced science courses in geology and biology

  • Six approved upper-level advanced engineering courses, including a capstone design course

  • The standard engineering requirement of four approved humanities and/or social science courses

Additional information

Sample course plan (for requirements see the University Bulletin)

I ENGN 0030 or ENGN 0031 Introduction to Engineering or Honors Introduction to Engineering
CHEM 0330 Equilibrium, Rate, and Structure
MATH 0190 AP Calculus (Physics/Engineering)
Elective †  
II ENGN 0040 Dynamics and Vibrations
MATH 0200 Intermediate Calculus (Physics/Engineering)
BIOL 0200 The Foundation of Living Systems
III ENGN 0490 Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering
ENGN 0410 Material Science
APMA 0330 Methods of Applied Mathematics I
IV ENGN 0720 Thermodynamics
ENGN 0520* Electrical Circuits and Signals
APMA 0650 Essential Statistics
V ENGN 0810 Fluid Mechanics
ENGN 0510* Electricity and Magnetism
Approved required course  
VI Approved required course  
Approved required course  
VII Approved capstone design course §  
Approved required course  
VIII Approved required course  
Approved required course  

* Either Semester IV ENGN 0520* or Semester V ENGN 0510*