Brown University School of Engineering

Sc.B. Engineering

Sc.B. in Engineering

The regular engineering concentrations have been designed to be as flexibile as possible, to allow you to design a program tailored to your interests and objectives. However, if you find it impossible to meet your aspirations through one of the standard degree programs, you may submit a program of your own design to the Engineering Concentration Committee for consideration as a “Special Concentration.” Graduates with a special concentration receive an Sc.B. degree in engineering, but a specific area of specialization is not be noted on their transcript. The degree is not accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET (

A “Special” Sc.B. concentration is intended to prepare graduates for advanced study in engineering or for professional practice, but in an area that is not covered by one of the existing Sc.B. programs. Accordingly, special concentration programs are expected to consist of a coherent set of courses with breadth, depth and rigor comparable to an accredited degree, and should not be substantially similar to an existing concentration. A total of 21 engineering, mathematics, and basic science courses are required. The program must include at least three courses in mathematics, at least two courses in physical or life sciences, and at least 12 courses in engineering. At least five of the engineering courses must be upper level courses, and one must be a capstone design course or independent study, which must be advised or co-advised by a member of the regular engineering faculty. Not all engineering courses may be used to meet Sc.B. requirements: for example, ENGN 0020, 0090, 0900, 0930, and 1010 do not qualify. The program should be complemented by at least four courses in humanities and social sciences.

Petitions should be prepared in consultation with a faculty advisor, who will submit the petition to the concentration committee. Any faculty member listed in the Engineering section of the University Bulletin holding the rank of lecturer, senior lecturer, assistant, associate or full Professor or Professor of the Practice may submit a petition on your behalf. Petitions must include (i) A statement of the objectives of the degree program, and an explanation of how the courses in the program meet these objectives; (ii) Course descriptions for any courses in the program that are not part of standard Sc.B. engineering concentrations; (iii) A detailed description of any independent study courses used for concentration credit, signed by the faculty advisor for this course; and (iv) an up-to-date internal transcript.