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Information for Prospective Employers

Prospective Employers

Brown is fortunate to attract many of the best and brightest high-school students from across the nation and around the world. Students are academically gifted, exceptionally motivated, and have a wide variety of interests, as well as a sense of social responsibility.

While at Brown, engineering students complete a challenging academic program that combines a rigorous interdisciplinary foundation in engineering science with advanced training in a specialized area of engineering. Their participation in Brown's liberal arts curriculum develops their ability to communicate and think critically. Nearly all students complete one or more engineering internships and participate in research at Brown or another university. Many are multi-lingual and have studied abroad. Brown students develop their teamwork and leadership skills through work experience at Brown, through student chapters of professional and honor societies, by participating in teaching and outreach, as well as student-led engineering organizations.

Brown and the School of Engineering have several resources to help prospective employers recruit at Brown. For recruiting opportunities within the School of Engineering, including

  • To list a position on the Engineering job and internship board
  • To participate in the School of Engineering Career Fair
  • To arrange a visit to Brown
  • For more information about School of Engineering programs

Please contact:

Jennifer Casasanto, Associate Dean for Programs and Planning
Barus-Holley 318
Brown University, School of Engineering
[email protected]

For University level recruiting, including posting positions on the Brown job and internship board, participating in campus-wide career fairs, please visit the Brown CareerLab page or contact:

Beverly Ehrich
Career Advisor & Coordinator of Graduate Student Programs
Coordinator for STEM Career Fields
[email protected]