Brown University School of Engineering

Application and Budget Request

The School of Engineering provides funding and other resources (staff and faculty time, space on campus for meetings and events) to  engineering-hosted student co-curricular groups.  

Budget Requests
Each student group is required to fill out a formal application to be considered for funding. Each year, every student organization must complete the Proposal for Support for Student Organizations (the budget form will open in May and is due on or before September 1, for the coming academic year.) This allows groups to include reporting on their full set of spring activities in their budget request.  

Budget requests will be reviewed based on planned activities, and their impact for the Brown Engineering community, comprehensiveness and detail of budget, porportion of dollars requested to total membership, and levels of participation in funded activities.

 As a rule, Engineering funding requests for student groups:

  • Should focus on student activites that support engineering students within our Brown University community
  • Preference is given to activities that are the most inclusive, and have broader impact to the students in the School of Engineering
  • Engineering funds cannot be used to fund items such as alcohol, group t-shirts, gifts, honararium, or consulting fees.) 

Questions on prosposal should be directed to Associate Dean Jennifer Casasanto at

All applications will be reviewed at the first faculty meeting of the fall by the Dean of Engineering, Associate Dean of Engineering, and the Engineering Executive Committee to review the activites the group has conducted, their impact, and how much funding the School of Engineering will provide. 

Multiple Funding Sources
School of Engineering funding is not designed to cover all of your funding needs alone, please also plan to apply to the Undergraduate Finance Board OR the Graduate Student Council as well as relevant departments (Physics, CS, Applied Math, Chemistry) for funding. 

How to spend funds
Engineering co-curricular group spending (for engineering funds only):
1. The funding received from Engineering is given to student groups as an allocation and you contact the administrative assistant to your faculty advisor for reimbursements each time you make a purchase. (You may look up the relevant admin in our directory.)

2. Groups typically make purchases on their credit cards and if you submit right away you can receive the reimbursement check before the credit card is due. (For students who are on university payroll for a job, they can get their reimbursement sent to them electronically if they have their paychecks delivered this way.)

3. You will need to provide the administrative assistant for your advisor an original receipt - as soon as possible after the purchase (within a few days) 
If you are unsure what your group balance is you may contact Tina Trahan in our finance office to confirm what funds remain. Your funding from Engineering does not roll over but any funds you receive from fundraising or grants should roll over. 

There are several categories such as alcohol, or gift cards, which cannot be purchased with university funds. Please speak to your advisor before making any purchases of which you are unsure. More information on university financial policies can be found at the Student Activities Office site