Brown University School of Engineering

Undergraduate Program Contacts and Advisors

Undergraduate Program Contact Information

Open Advising Hours

  • Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30,   Barus-Holley Lobby, Prof. Rod Beresford (Sr. Associate Dean of Academic Programs)
  • Fridays, 4:30-6:00,  Barus and Holley Room 731, Prof Allan Bower (Director of Undergraduate Programs, Engineering) 


Dean of Engineering
Larry Larson
Barus & Holley 306
(401) 863-2276
Senior Associate Dean of
Academic Programs
Associate Dean of
Programs and Planning
J. Roderic Beresford
Barus & Holley 226
(401) 863-1407
Jennifer Casasanto
Barus & Holley 318
(401) 863-1407
Director of Undergraduate Academic Programs
Allan Bower
Director of Undergraduate Programs
B&H 731, x3-1493 

Concentration Advisors

Concentration Advisors
Alex Zaslavsky
Chair, Engineering Concentration & Curriculum Committee
Engineering & Physics
B&H 222, 401-863-1406
Vicki Colvin
Biomedical Engineering
GC 225, 401-863-3325
Jonghwan Lee
Biomedical Engineering
B&H 224, 401-863-9055 

Robert Hurt
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (Fall Semester) 
B&H 239 and MRL 207 (IMNI), 401-863-2685 and 401-863-6773  
Andrew Peterson
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (Spring Semester)
B&H 247, 401-863-2153 
Pedro Felzenswalb
Computer Engineering 
B&H 355, 401-863-1531

Rashid Zia

Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering (BioMed Track)
B&H 237, 401-863-6351 
Indrek Külaots
Environmental Engineering
B&H 735, 401-863-2674 
Clyde Briant
Materials Engineering
B&H 220, 401-863-2862 
Christian Franck
Mechanical Engineering
B&H 739, 401-863-2863 
Note: For the A.B. and five-year A.B./Sc.B. program, please see the Sc.B. Concentration Advisor listed above whose engineering discipline most closely matches your interests.

Honors Program Committee

Honors Committee CHAIR
Jennifer Franck
B&H 437, x3-5394 
Honors Advisors
Brian Sheldon
B&H 626, x3-2866
Gabriel Taubin
B&H 328, 484-8201 

Anita Shukla (BME)
B&H 749, x3-5719

Special Program Advisors

Special Program Advisors
BEO Program
Eric Suuberg (fall 2015)
B&H 253, x3-1420
Jason Harry (spring 2016)
B&H 741, x3-1347

Engaged Scholars Program
Kenny Breuer
B&H 433, x3-2870
UTEP Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Program
Allan Bower
B&H 731, x3-1493 
Student chapter and organizations Advisors
See the Student Organization Contact Information page for list of advisors.
Student Affairs Office
Manager, Academic Programs
and Student Affairs

(General School Level Inquiries)

Academic Program Coordinator

(Admissions, concentrations, payroll)

Carolyn Harris
Barus & Holley 322
(401) 863-6859 

Victoria Riccitelli
Barus & Holley 307
(401) 863-1471