Hamlet, in Theory

1311K [CRN: 15223]

An intensive study of "Hamlet"--an enduringly significant Renaissance cultural artifact, yet one of Shakespeare's most difficult, enigmatic plays. Rather than surveying its highlights, we'll linger over "Hamlet" scene-by-scene, even line-by-line. We'll also engage various theoretical methodologies--psychoanalysis, Marxism, deconstruction, new historicism, feminism, queer theory--as tools for forging different readings of "Hamlet." What questions does each approach open up (and obscure)? This is a "theory in practice" course: an introduction to theory via the close study of a single, important text. Finally, we'll consider three "Hamlet" films. Not open to first-year students. Limited to English, Comparative Literature, Literary Arts, and MCM concentrators.
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