Image, Music, Text

ENGL 1762C S01 [CRN: 16522]

This course examines a number of novels and short stories alongside their various cinematic, theatrical, or musical adaptations in order to ask what a medium is and what distinctive formal features might define literature, cinema, theater, and music. Writers will include Melville, Conrad, Maupassant, Mann, and Cortazar; filmmakers will include Hitchcock, Antonioni, Godard, Visconti, and Coppola; critics will include Barthes, Deleuze, and Ranciere. Limited to 20 junior and senior concentrators in English, Comparative Literature, MCM, Hispanic Studies, Italian Studies, French Studies, German Studies, Literary Arts.
Fall 2017
15:00 - 17:30 Wed - from Sep 6, 2017 to Dec 21, 2017