Genres of Critique

ENGL 2901H S01 [CRN: 24480]

Debate about the nature and effects of reading resonates across the disciplines and beyond. It may be articulated with interests in formal questions of genre and style or philosophical traditions that draw upon Kantian, marxist or post-colonial canons. This course addresses three genres of critique: philosophical, ideological, and literary, addressing each in its engagements with problems of reading. We will interrogate the distinctiveness and incompatibilities of their discourses as well as their intersections and examine the question of genre itself, in literary avatars and as a trope for critique. Readings include Kant, Althusser, Spivak, Eliot, Gaskell. Enrollment limited to 15.
Spring 2018
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15:00 - 17:30 Mon - from Jan 24, 2018 to May 18, 2018
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