Ashley Aye Aye Dun

Ashley Aye Aye Dun

[email protected]

B.A. English and Writing, Drury University, 2015.

M.A. English, New York University, 2017.


I study visual culture and contemporary North American literatures, particularly the creative imaginaries of women/queer people of color. I am compelled by reevaluations of the human(ities) and subjecthood via questions of form and aesthetics. My work also concerns materiality and the body, along with their affective natures in relation to multiculturalism, nationalism, authoritarianism, humanitarianism, and exile.

Courses Taught:

ENGL0200L "Between Home and Haven: Contemporary Narratives of Revolt and Refuge" (Fall 2019)
ENGL0900 S05 "Critical Reading and Writing I: The Academic Essay" (Spring 2020)

ENGL0710W "Readings in Black and Queer" taught by Professor Kevin Quashie (Spring 2019)
ENGL0710L "Ishiguro Amongst Others" taught by Professor Timothy Bewes (Fall 2018)

Research and Teaching Interests:

Colonial and Postcolonial Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Queer Theory and Queer of Color Critique